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Coming back from a 7 weeks trip away from home made me realize how small we are in a gigantic world. We have so little time to live and feel every place we like on this planet... Because just to see one place it doesn't mean you know how to live it. You can see the whole world without understanding it.

One other thing that I 've just realized is that Europeans have the nasty habit of not being happy.  And it is not just the climate, it's the mentality. People I've met these past weeks are happy, they live under the same sun and they smile to complete strangers. They help each other and they help also people they haven't met before. They also have corruption and poverty, but they smile and they dance and they enjoy their life as it is.  Maybe it could be better, maybe it could be worse. But they enjoy what they have.

There are very, very few reasons in this world that can make you not to smile every day.

About Roldanillo I can say that even if it is a small town with about 30000 inhabitants, there are lots of stuff going on, people are friendly and hard workers and they love their families. There are many activities you can do there like paragliding almost every day, bike riding, motorbike riding, horse riding, hiking and visiting many beautiful places. And at the beginning of February, there is Cabalgata festival, followed by Roldanillo Carnival, so you shouldn't miss these two if you are around in this period. Cabalgata is a horse festival, where people from this area and around ride on their horses in the whole town, while horses are making a specific step learned with great effort, which looks like a dance. So there is interesting stuff to see but also there is a party in the central square where people are listening to local music and dancing on the street. Next day is Roldanillo carnival which gathers people of all ages dancing on the street and having a group theme. There are tens of groups that dance around moving in the whole city for hours. It is probably exhausting for them but they did a great show and all the spectators were very impressed. I took lots of pictures and the atmosphere was amazing those days, so probably that's the best time to be there in Roldanillo.

There are many things happening in Roldanillo all the time, even if it is a small town. The Colombian paragliding national championship was held in Roldanillo, at Aguapanela take-off, so the beginning of the contest was marked with a small fiesta in the city center. Also, the end of that was a gala held in Central Square.

So, waiting for the spring to come back home means a few more weeks of cold weather and warm clothes...I guess I should have stayed longer in Colombia 🙂

P.S.: If you want to travel to Colombia, note that the yellow fever vaccine is very cheap in their country and you can make it even in airports there.


Till next time, goodbye Roldanillo & Colombia! Was very nice to meet you! Thank you for having me there!

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