My SIV course 2018

This is the movie I made for remembering the skills I got by taking this SIV course in 2018. This was my third year in a row for taking this course in Ljubanista, Ohrid, Macedonia FYROM with my super cool instructor, Ivo.

SIV course is ‘simulation d’incidents en vol’, a must do course for every paraglider, no matter of the level of experience. So , here I am, taking this course every year since 2016, although I have tried some manouvers by my self over the water before, at Oludeniz, Turkey in 2014 and at Ljubanista, Macedonia in 2013. But I recommend taking a course with a good SIV instructor for a better experience. I have learned so many things about my gear and about myself in so many different situations by taking this course, so I decided to go there every year because I also like the people I’ve met and the chill atmosphere in Ljubanista. The views there are great, see below some photos.

at the take-off in Galicica near lake Ohrid
at the take-off in Galicica, Macedonia, near lake Ohrid
at Sveti Naum, Ohrid lake, Macedonia

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